Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lil' Al

We had our first set of Holiday visitors in our married life this Christmas! It was so special to share some time and space with Robert's brother and nephew. They were in town for a couple of days visiting Robert and Allen's sister and family, and we were the landing/launching pad. It was great! We had two sleepovers. Allen's mom, my mother-in-law, put in an order for some photos of the little man so she has images on her walls in her home in Japan. My pleasure! Little Al and I messed around for all of 7 minutes. He was ready to strike a pose, but when it was done it was done! Too funny! Allen, thanks for coming down for Christmas. We loved seeing you and spending time with you. You two are always welcome! Love, MT

Love those dimples... you crazy coo-coo nut!

Monday, December 29, 2008

New Album

It's been in the works for a while... the new sample album! I can't wait for you all to see it. It is a collection of some of my work coupled with testimonials from the best clients a girl could ask for all bound together in one of the sexiest albums ever. It feels good. It looks good. It must be good! If you are in the market for a photographer and are interested in viewing the final product, give me a ring! I've got an album with your name on it. To see each spread without music or interruption, check out my gallery site.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Erin and her Huxley

My friend, Erin, just moved back home after 11 years of life in Missouri. It is wonderful to have her back in town. We're still getting used to the fact that we don't have to download vast amounts of information every time we get together. We can actually just hang out. Drink wine. Chat over coffee. There's time now, and that's taking a little getting used to! About 5 months ago, her whole life changed. She became a mother to her sweet, wild lab child named Huxley. He's a handsome fella with LOTS of energy and a shoe fettish! Erin wanted some photos to document this time in her life, so one cold morning we bundled up and headed outside to grab a few snaps. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Matt + Tara: Christmas Cards

You've seen the blog post of this cute couple's photo shoot with their adorable French Bull Dog/Pug mix. Here's what we did with them! You could have one of these to send out to friends and loved ones of your own next year!

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Good Night Little Rock

Robert and I live in a little bungalow tucked into the side of a hill in Little Rock. As I drove home yesterday, wandering my way up and over to our little house, the moon caught me by surprise. It was a storybook moon. A moon that you want to have a smile on it's face, kissing you good night. It took me a couple of minutes to grab a camera, but even when I made my way back up the street to capture this beauty, it still was putting on a show. These are shots from our neighborhood. Rest well, Little Rock. Sweet dreams...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Rachel + Clint: Rosemary Beach Wedding Celebration

This may be delayed, but it is definitely worth the wait. Rachel and Clint are the cutest couple from Memphis, TN. In September 2007, I got a call from Rachel and we set a date to shoot her wedding in April 2008. Later that fall, Rachel called saying that they needed to bump the wedding back. She had just started a new job, Clint was graduating from school, life was CRAZY. The date was set for September 2008, and it stuck. By that time, I had already moved back to Little Rock, so it turned into a little bit of a mini-vacation for me and my sister-in-law. We drove down to Rosemary Beach, FL (about a 10 hour drive) and spent the weekend with my cousins on the beach. On Saturday, I gathered my gear and went to meet Rachel and Clint face to face for the first time. They were soooo cute and sweet! One of the main things, aside from the people, that I loved about their wedding was how close everything was. The house Rachel got ready in was literally across the street from the ceremony and reception site which was just up the bluff from the ocean. Could it be any easier? We clicked immediately and enjoyed the afternoon. The weather was GORGEOUS, the details were beautiful, the food was scrumptious. Rachel and Clint and 40 of their favorite people celebrated into the night. I was there to capture the moments... have I mentioned that I have the best job in the world? Thanks so much for including me in the festivities. It was an honor and a joy. Best to you both! Love, MT

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Family: Boston Rules!

Matt and Tara, aside from being one of the more attractive couples I have the pleasure of knowing, are fantastic people! Robert and I enjoy being relatives and friends with them. They are the kind of people that can talk about anything, disagree, and are okay with it. They will dive in feet first to sticky situations and wander about in there without a great deal of discomfort. They have been good friends to us, and it was such a treat to be asked to take their pictures last weekend. Robert and I schlepped cameras and a backdrop up into their downtown condo and setup a pseudo-studio within the comfort of their home - Cowboys game playing in the background and all!

The real star of the show, though, was their Bull Dog/Pug mix, Boston! He rocked it. I was warned that he would freak out, so we needed to make the most of the first few shots because he may just crumble on us. Such was definitely NOT the case! He stole the show! Check it out!

Boston in action!

You might forget he's not a human in this one!

Boston wandered off and then came back, plopped himself down, and worked it!