Thursday, April 3, 2008

Twice as Nice

Saturday evening was the wedding ceremony for Kelly and Nick. If you've been blog-stalking, you have seen these faces before! This sweet, sweet couple had a precious outdoor ceremony. It was held at the Town of Tioga just outside of Gainesville. It was beautiful! The guests remained standing during the ceremony and were invited to a fabulous cocktail hour and sit-down dinner following the event. Kelly and Nick celebrated the occasion with Nick's kids who were sooooo excited but didn't want to see any kissing! Kathryn, my assistant, and I had a ball. It was laid back and enjoyable. The focus was on the celebration of love, life, family, and fun! Cheers to you! - Mary

Nick's little boy couldn't WAIT to head to the ceremony!

The party was a hit! There were great dancers - young
and old alike. Kelly and Nick can really get a crowd going!

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