Friday, April 18, 2008

A Sad Delay

Last fall Amanda came into our studio looking for a photographer for the celebration of her marriage to Jack. This may sound really cheesy, but Amanda is one of those girls that I feel like I've known my entire life. She is laid back, easy going, calls it like it is. Last December, the three of us met at a friend's horse farm in Ocala to shoot some engagement photos. It was a beautiful, winter day. The sun was low and the sky was crazy blue. Jack and I met for the first time. The moment I met Jack, he reminded me of someone I knew when I was a kid. I took to Jack before he had a chance to figure out if he took to me... Jack is a quiet, reserved man. He doesn't smile much. He's pretty serious. I took it on as a personal mission to make him smile. What I found as we wandered the farm was something far more endearing than a smile. Jack's not a big smiler, but he doesn't stop Amanda from smiling. He watches her and loves her and protects her. They have an intimacy and understanding that runs deep. It was such an honor to attempt to capture that.

Preparations have been underway for months for their May 3rd celebration. Just after our photo shoot, Jack went to Iraq as a contract worker. His ETA back in the States was the end of this April. The celebration was set to honor a marriage and a homecoming! Last Monday, I got back in the studio to find a voicemail from Amanda's mom saying the the celebrations are off... Jack's not going to make it home on time. My heart aches for them as they endure this time of questioning... When will he come? When will we celebrate? You all are in my thoughts. Please know that if there is anything I can do on this end to say the word. You and your family mean so much. You're the greatest, and you deserve to be celebrated!

Enjoy a few photos of Amanda and Jack on the farm! I love you guys! Hang in there and keep me posted!

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