Monday, April 28, 2008

The Swankiest Party... EVER!

Nicole and Jake married in January 2007. They held off have their reception until they were ready to do it up right! Their marriage ceremony and simple reception in 2007 wasn't too shabby, but very little compares to the show they put on a few weeks ago. It was truly out of this world. It felt like Los Angeles celebrity world got transported to Gainesville, Florida. The event was to the nines. Nicole sported her favorite Jimmy Choo shoes that were photographed here on the silver-leafed dance floor that was centered in the 3-4,000 square foot, clear plastic, air-conditioned tent that housed all the night's festivities!

Seating areas composed of white bookshelves & white leather sofas
were scattered throughout the tent. The centerpieces on the white and silver
table tops were arrangements of phaelonopsis orchids. It was truly spectacular!
Dessert raviolis and chocolate sticks were a tasty treat on one of the
dessert bars. There was a bar for every taste: sushi, cheese, drinks,
drinks, drinks, coffee, seafood, savory meats... you name it!

An awesome band out of Orlando entertained the crowd all evening!

A very talented cigar roller worked his magic.

Everyone had a rockin' good time! It was an evening of indulgence. The number one goal was for everyone to have a good time! Mission accomplished!

As the sun set, the tent took on a life of it's own! The walkway was flanked by Zen fountains seated in pools covered with floating candles and orchid blossoms. It was other-worldly!

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