Thursday, June 12, 2008

Courtney and James' Wedding Celebration

Attitude, style, love, understanding, family, friends, tradition... these are a few words I would use to describe the wedding of Courtney and James. These two are more than just clients. They are friends - maybe even family. It was such a priveldge to be with them on one of the biggest days of their lives! Courtney and James had a beautiful service at Mount Pleasant Methodist Church in downtown Gainesville. Generally speaking, I am pretty tunnel-visioned the day of the wedding, but the minister was wonderful. She spoke directly to Courtney and James and loved them through the process. They loved her right back. We all cried! It was a beautiful thing to watch - to document. The ceremony ended just before noon last Saturday. A note about last Saturday in Gainesville, Florida - it reached a high of 96 degrees! SUPER HOT! Props to the wedding party and family who endured with me and made it through famously. I am grateful to you all! Courtney and James, best wishes to you as you begin this journey. I am excited for you. You have a beautiful life ahead of you. Please keep in touch! Love - Mary

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