Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life: An Update

I have a policy that I don't blog without including photos; however, I never really thought about what would happen if I was stuck without a computer to process photos with. So, today I'm breaking my own rule because I thought that you would rather have an update than nothing at all. The trip back to Arkansas from Florida went without too much of a hitch. There was only one incident in the middle of Florida somewhere when I managed to get stuck at a gas station.... With a car in tow something is bound to happen. For $20, we got the truck unstuck by a very trailor-savvy man. Hooray! Otherwise, it was a great trip full of talking with my mom, a wonderful stay with my cousin (photos of kite-surfing to follow), and the open road. We are home safe and sound, and I am beginning to sort through this new chapter in my life. Stay tuned for photos to come!

Best - MT


Anonymous said...

Mary! I was wondering how your trip went, so I was happy to see the update on your blog. You must be so happy to be home and with your hubby again. Thank you so much for training me your last few weeks here.You were the best.
What a treat it was to have met you even if for a short time. I wish you and your husband the best on this new chapter of your lives!
(And I'm now officially one of your blog stalkers!)

Anonymous said...

Leslie! The treat was all mine. You are such a talent. Caroline is lucky to have you on board! Thanks for taking the designing by storm. Keep on blog stalking! :) There will be more to come in the weeks and months ahead!

Anonymous said...

How do you get your pictures so large on your blog? I think it makes such a difference.

Thanks for any input you have.
Celeste Harkins

Tellez Photography | Mary Tellez said...

Hi Celeste!

I totally agree... the bigger the better! If you will, email me at, and I will gladly forward you that information.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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