Friday, June 6, 2008

Lynn and Glynn's Wedding

Lynn is quite possibly THE MOST enthusiastic bride I have ever photographed. She was soooo excited about being married! It was adorable. Lynn walked in our studio last fall. Typically there is a sales session that happens - why you would want to hire us for the job. I soon realized that Lynn was sold from the moment she walked in the door. In a very quick, professional manner, the contract was signed and deposit paid. A few months later, I was commissioned to design their wedding invites to be sent to family and very few close friends to an intimate ceremony held at the Haile Village Center Fountain. Lynn's brother officiated. It was quick and energetic. The family gathered around on the park benches. It was perfect! From there, the family celebrated at Lynn's house with a brunch put on my Glynn's sister - a caterer by trade. She really outdid herself! It was all delicious! The whole day was simple and sophisticated. The underlying motivation... the honeymoon! I wish you both years of happiness! Best Wishes - Mary

Lynn wore the cutest, t-length dress! Why don't more brides wear these?!

Glynn's gift to Lynn was this beautiful pearl necklace.

Sending up a word of thanks.


Stazzy said...

The dress really is cute.
The fourth photo is my favorite, don't know if it's because of the photo or the jewel... :)

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that such a nice touch? She really has some style, and was so much fun to photograph!