Sunday, June 15, 2008

Onward and Upward

It's Sunday afternoon. What a weekend we've had. Caroline and I shot a beautiful wedding in Stuart, Florida yesterday. We photographed it all... and there was plenty to photograph. The bride and her precious mother attended to ALL the details. After a joyous celebration, I am back in Gainesville on a mission - to pack up all my earthly belongings for my journey back home to Arkansas. My time here in Florida is coming to a fast and furious end. It has a been 10 months of constant learning & eye-opening experiences. I am walking away from this time with a knowledge base I never could have asked for. This experience has been thoroughly challenging and totally gratifying. I am headed back to Arkansas to settle back into life with my husband who returned home 3 weeks ago. It will be a whole new chapter for us, and I am so excited about it. Things we have to look forward to: buying a home for the first time, buying a car (I don't recommend sharing one car... can we say stressful?), and starting a new photography business! If you or any of your friends have photographic needs, give me a shout. In the meantime, enjoy the occasional blog post and wish me luck as I hit the road in a Budget truck! Cheers - MT

The view from my living room! YIKES!


Audrey said...

Mary - we are going to miss you! Thanks for being so fun. We were thrilled to have you as part of our Big Day and know you will bless many more with your skills. Keep in touch, lady!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Boyles! Thanks for finding me here. Celebrating your wedding celebration was such a blast. You and your families are a delight! Send my love to your hubby!