Saturday, August 30, 2008

Becky's Birthday Bazaar

{For anyone interested in seeing the entire collection of images from Becky's Birthday Bazaar, click here to check them out!}

Last night, friends and family gathered to celebrate our dear Becky at the Albert Pike Hotel in downtown Little Rock. Some may think a BBQ would suffice for a birthday, or say, a gathering at a party-room at a yummo restaurant. But those people don't know Becky. Becky is one of the, if not THE, most creative people I know. She burst through the proverbial box years ago! She thinks in layers. Layers of color, flavors, sounds, smells. She has a heart for hospitality and longs to love the people in her life in their own unique ways - attending to their differences with care and concern like none other. The theme of the party was "I Love Me". The theme was carried through from start to finish starting with the invitations that included a button that read "I Love Me" backward so that you had to put it on and read it in the mirror. The color and layout inspiration for the evening came from her trip to India earlier this year. The music inspiration was from India Arie. If you've not listened to her tunes and you are an introspective woman, you really must!

My contribution to the evening was a fun little photo-boothish spot during the Artists' Gallery Cocktail Hour. I had a blast. Now, keep in mind that this party was NOT a costume party. We were all instructed to wear something that we never have had the chance to wear but have always wanted to. I wore more makeup than I ever do, and loved it! Some wore wedding gowns. Others wore costumes... it was awesome! It was even more fun that it wasn't a costume party because you didn't know what to expect... what will the next person sport?! Enjoy some of the photos from the photo booth. They're a trip!

Becky, I love you. It is such an honor to call you my friend. I hope this decade brings many more layers of love, prosperity, and vibrancy into your life. You are a jewel! Thanks for including me in the celebrations. Love, MT

Becky and Denise - two beauties! Becky's hands were decorated with Henna Tatoos.
Carrying the theme through even to her finger tips!

Wonder Woman showed up, and we all LOVED it! It's official, if she can wear this out, she can wear ANYTHING! I am so proud of her and inspired by her confidence!

The beautiful, Indian, Henna Tatoo Artists


After our scrumptous Bombay Dinner, we all gathered in the Main Hall for some live performances. First a Children's Theatrical Groupe performed a couple of India Arie inspired routines and then Jackie Simons and iFunk played custom written songs for this event. It was so amazing. Truly a feast for all the senses. As the evening progressed, more food and drinks were carried out. We all ate, drank, danced and were merry

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Anonymous said...

Another great layer you added to the party Mary, I love the photos, are there more? can we order them? I love the textures and themes throughout them all! Brilliant
Denise Simons