Monday, August 4, 2008

Gradual Transitions

Things are starting to heat up here at Fresh Focus, or shall I say Tellez Photography? That's right, there's a name change in the works! When I fell in love with the name, Fresh Focus, I had no idea that there was a trademark that would soon keep me from using it as my business name. After about a month of searching, I decided to go with Tellez Photography.

It's been an exciting time. Since I've been back in Arkansas, I've had the pleasure of photographing my niece & nephew, a beautiful Country Club wedding, and a swanky birthday party featuring a band from my college days, Tragikly White. It was a blast! There are family photo shoots, prego pics of Bethany, and a non-bridal bridal shoot of Ashley coming around the bend. In about 1.5 weeks, I'm headed back to Florida to photograph Lexi and Klent's wedding. That will be a scream! As soon as my new computer arrives, I will start processing photos like a mad woman and get some new images out there for all to see! Stay tuned... things are just getting started!

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