Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Fun with Haley + Grayson

Ooooh... it feels good to finally be posting again! I'm really excited to get these images and other projects up. These photos are of two of my favorite kids - Haley and Grayson. They just happen to be my niece and nephew. I'm not biased at all! Haley and Grayson came over for an afternoon this summer and we just hung out. We started in the front yard and ended up with ice cream cones and sprinkler races! It's been YEARS since I spent an afternoon running around in bathing suit in a backyard, but by God we did, and I highly recommend it! Haley and Grayson, thanks for playing with me. Not only are you both VERY photogenic, you're terrific people. I look forward to the years to come! Love, MT

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