Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lil' Al

We had our first set of Holiday visitors in our married life this Christmas! It was so special to share some time and space with Robert's brother and nephew. They were in town for a couple of days visiting Robert and Allen's sister and family, and we were the landing/launching pad. It was great! We had two sleepovers. Allen's mom, my mother-in-law, put in an order for some photos of the little man so she has images on her walls in her home in Japan. My pleasure! Little Al and I messed around for all of 7 minutes. He was ready to strike a pose, but when it was done it was done! Too funny! Allen, thanks for coming down for Christmas. We loved seeing you and spending time with you. You two are always welcome! Love, MT

Love those dimples... you crazy coo-coo nut!

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