Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby Asher

The past week has been a wild ride! I won't burden you with details, but suffice it to say that I started a new freelance photo styling job, laid my Grandfather to rest, and celebrated the birth of my nephew Walt within the span of 4 days. It's been WILD! The silver lining through all of this has been new life and the presence of all our relatives who came from near and far to grieve and celebrate with us. One of the participants was my cousin's new baby, Asher. He was born on Christmas Eve ringing him in at just under one month old. My cousin and his wife joined us from Florida with their new bundle of joy, and I just couldn't resist taking a few snaps of his new little self! He wasn't that interested in the idea, so after about 5 minutes he insisted I quit... already taking after his dad! He's a cutey! Mark and Elizabeth, thanks for coming to join us and bringing Asher along. It was fabulous to see you both and such a pleasure to meet your little man. I love you each!

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