Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dana + Sean... married!

After months of preparation, an engagement and bridal session, multiple visits, lots of laughs, and a little stress, Dana and Sean celebrated their wedding! It went off without a hitch. The wedding was at 2pm on January 3 which could have been confused with any day in May. The weather, though icky in the morning, warmed right up to near 70 degrees with gorgeous blue skies! It was amazing. We had a great time! Dana and Sean, thanks so much for including me in this celebration. It was such an honor to document this amazing time in your life. I hope you will always look back and smile. Your journey has just begun! Enjoy the ride! Best - MT

Dana's details

love the pennies

Finishing touches with mom.

The fellas! They were a great group of guys!

Dana and her dad gave each other a high five on the way out... such a cute family!

After the ceremony, Dana and Sean took a breather. I snapped a few shots and then let them be until the extended family gathered for photos. When I went to fetch them, Dana stood up with big tears in her eyes. She made it through the entire morning without a tear but when they had a moment alone Sean told her something that touched her heart. It was so sweet to see!

All the bling.

Nothing better than a good squeeze from dad!

The wedding party joined in the dancing!

Cake: Mickeys Special Affairs
Florist: Fairytale Florals
Wedding Planner: Valerie Linker
Reception Site: Hays Center


Anonymous said...

Mary, the photos are beautiful!! Dana will be thrilled when she gets back from the honeymoon to see these! Love the one especially of Dana and Sean on the couch after the ceremony...

Take care!

Carolyn Finnie

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Carolyn! It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you and the rest of the wedding party. I wish you and your cute fiance all the best as you celebrate this time in your life!