Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meet Walt

My brother, Sam, and his beautiful wife, Lori, brought Walter Owen (Walt) into the world 2 weeks ago yesterday. He is the first grandbaby in mine and Lori's families and he is a BIG deal. I know that I speak with total bias, but frankly people, I don't think you've ever seen a cuter kid! It has been fun to meet him and I really look forward to when they figure out their schedule as a family and feel more settled in their routines. My theory is that when that happens, I'll be able to play with him more! Won't that be fun?! Yesterday, I joined them at their adorable home in Park Hill to photograph this moment in their life. Walt isn't sleeping quite as much these days as he did two weeks ago, so he wasn't terribly agreeable with the whole arrangement. But over the course of the afternoon with feedings and diaper changes, we got what we wanted... cute photos of our newest favorite little man! I hope you enjoy!

Love the eye contact.

Proud Papa

Sweet Bean

Eskimo Kisses

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