Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sully | Wild Man

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of my friends from high school's youngest child. Sully is 18 months old and the third boy! His brother's have trained him to run and never look back! Sully is an adorable, wide eyed boy who's main focus is dirt, sticks, or anything he can get his hands on and then eat. I met up with them at their house to start and then we three piled in the car for a field trip to the President Clinton Library lawn. As Katie prepped Sully after the car ride, I realized that inside I felt like I was gearing up to run a race. Sure enough, he hit the ground running! We had a really fun time running across the lawn of the Library, up and down the hills near the river, and finally piled back into the car just in time for his early afternoon nap. Katie, thanks so much for asking me to do this. I really enjoyed meeting your sweet boy and spending time with you. It is always good to see you! Enjoy the photos! - MT

Making a b-line for the neighbor's swing!

On the run at the library!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Werles | Expanding Family

You have never met a grandmother more proud than Becky! This woman is soooo all about her new role it makes me want to be a grandmother and I don't even have children! She is absolutely precious. To commemorate her birthday, her son and daughter-in-law's visit in from Alaska, and to capture this time in her family's life, I was invited over to snap a few shots of their growing family! Becky, thank you so much for having me over! You and your family are an amazing bunch. I hope these photos continue to remind you of that for years to come! Hugs to you and Ron! - Mary

George + Henry | Miracles

George and Henry came into the world at 26 weeks. After a lengthy stay in the hospital, these precious babies are home and healthy. It was such a treat to be invited into their home to capture these early moments in their lives. They are tiny... not compared to what they started out at, but they are still little. At four months old, they weigh in around 7 pounds! But they keep fighting - everyday getting stronger and stronger. The most amazing thing to watch for me were Ashley and Brian. Their little guys were pretty unhappy on and off throughout our time together, and yet I never sensed any aggravation, tension, nervousness. The calm manner that they talked to the boys, to each other, and must feel about themselves was remarkable. Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend part of an afternoon with you guys. You are amazing people! Enjoy the photos! - MT

Love the cheeks!

Doin' life on the "pink" sofa! Can we say, "Gorgeous?"

Yawns are contagious at any age.

Isn't she amazing?

George + Henry

Amy + John | Engaged

Where to start? This couple rocks! Okay... a little background. Amy is friends with my freinds, Cristie and Gareth. Cristie and Gareth got married in Jamaica about a year ago, and we we all went to join in the celebration. I had the pleasure of photographing the occasion, so Amy got to see me in action. Fast forward a couple of months, and Amy meets John... pretty much end of story! The two hit it off INSTANTLY! You know the motto - true love, why wait? The two are getting married in October, and about a month ago I got the call. Can I shoot her wedding? OF COURSE! John lives about 5 hours away from Amy, so they do a lot of commuting. Little Rock happens to be a convenient meeting spot for them which worked out really well for me. We met at the Peabody Hotel to start the shoot. I couldn't remember what we talked about as far as clothing goes, but when they walked off the elevator, I got really excited! They were stylin'! We hit the streets and had a fantastic time as you can see below. Amy and John, you are such a delight! Your chemistry is contagious. You both are really quick to laugh, have great senses of humor, are darn cute together and apart, have a fantastic sense of style... I could go on. Truly a delight! Thanks for choosing me to be a part of this time in your life! Best Wishes - MT

Jodi + Caleb | Engaged

Jodi and Caleb are darling! I got an email from Jodi saying that her aunt went to a wedding I shot at Rosemary Beach and that she should give me a call. What? How does that happen? A wedding in Florida brings me brides from Russellville! Small world! Jodi and I never met in person before their engagement session, and boy was it fun when we met! They were so stinkin' cute and had fun style and no qualms about being in front of the camera. They both are blessed with incredible smiles. These two could light up any room. With spunk and zest, we worked our way through the downtown streets of Conway and the campus of UCA capturing some truly fabulous moments. Jodi and Caleb, I am soooo grateful to have the opportunity to work with you guys. You are cute, fun, sweet... what more could a girl ask for?! I look forward to celebrating you guys in May! Best to you both! - Mary