Thursday, April 23, 2009

George + Henry | Miracles

George and Henry came into the world at 26 weeks. After a lengthy stay in the hospital, these precious babies are home and healthy. It was such a treat to be invited into their home to capture these early moments in their lives. They are tiny... not compared to what they started out at, but they are still little. At four months old, they weigh in around 7 pounds! But they keep fighting - everyday getting stronger and stronger. The most amazing thing to watch for me were Ashley and Brian. Their little guys were pretty unhappy on and off throughout our time together, and yet I never sensed any aggravation, tension, nervousness. The calm manner that they talked to the boys, to each other, and must feel about themselves was remarkable. Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend part of an afternoon with you guys. You are amazing people! Enjoy the photos! - MT

Love the cheeks!

Doin' life on the "pink" sofa! Can we say, "Gorgeous?"

Yawns are contagious at any age.

Isn't she amazing?

George + Henry

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