Monday, August 10, 2009

Walt + 6 months

It has been a long while since I wrote anything here. Sorry for the dry spell. It's been a busy summer on many levels, but photos have been a little slow with the high heat and busy schedules of couples and families. The photo schedule is beginning to fill back in... couples are getting engaged, everyone is having babies, family portraits are about to hit high gear, and houses are going up on the market left and right.

One precious child has been keeping me busy. Walt. By now you know him quite well. It's hard to believe that Walt is already 6 months old! First, it feels like he has always been here. He is such a big part of all of our lives and he can't even speak, yet! That said, it is AMAZING how much he has changed. How much he has grown. How much more mobile he is. It's AMAZING!

Lori, Sam, Walt and I joined up at Mim's house (Lori's mom and dad's house) for a photoshoot to document this quarter of his life. Working with a baby is a little tricky. You have to keep him happy but not annoyed, busy but not distracted. You have to move FAST. It's really fun. Here's what we came up with! Enjoy!

I call this Walt's "fake" smile. Cracks me up!

He is going to be trouble! Look at those eyes!

Like father, like son!

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