Friday, October 23, 2009

Erin + Brian | Engaged

Erin and I have been friends since junior high... looong time! She is a dear friend who has stood the test of time. We went different directions in college but stayed in contact. The older I get, the more I totally appreciate that part. This was in a time where phone calls weren't cheap, internet was still sort of new (remember dial up connections?), and Facebook hadn't even been dreamed up. In a time like that, we still remained friends. Erin lived in Springfield, MO from the end of highschool through last fall when she packed herself and her sweet puppy, Huxley, up and headed back home. It was great to have her near me again. We had to figure out how to be friends again. It's completely different when someone comes for visits, and it's fast and intense. But when you live in the same town, friendship is approached differently. Not long after we figured it out, the dynamics were completely changed. Brian arrived on the scene! From the moment I heard the words, "I met a boy", I knew something was different. Remember that we've know each other for almost 20 years so I've heard a lot of "I met a boy". This one was different. After a very short time, the two were engaged. Come November 7, they will be married! It is my distinct pleasure to be the Matron of Honor at this amazing celebration. I am sooooo excited for them. They are a really fun couple. They laugh a lot. They communicate well. They have learned a lot about each other in a very short amount of time. They are in for a wild ride, and I will be cheering wildly from the sidelines. You guys are wonderful... together and apart. I am proud of and very excited for you both! Can't wait for your wedding! It's going to be great! Love you, Me

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