Sunday, October 4, 2009

Vanessa | Beautiful Bride

Vanessa and Leland tied the knot on September 19... so now it's safe to share with the world her beautiful bridal portraits! Early in the summer, I joined Vanessa and her lovely mother, Kathleen, for an afternoon of bridal fun! Part of what makes these images special is the contrast. Vanessa is a beautiful girl who is very casual. She loves comfort. Give her an oversized Patagonia fleece, her Kavu bag slung across her chest, and a comfy pair of shoes, and she is good to go. So, it was a wonderful treat to see her with her hair styled, makeup done, nails dressed, jewelry on, and her gorgeous gown. She can't help but be gorgeous day in day out, but this day she was stunning and LOVING it. She owned her role and worked it! Thanks, Vanessa! Enjoy the photos! - Mary

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