Monday, December 7, 2009

Julianna + 18 Months

Julianna's mom contacted me a few weeks back. She was in search of a photographer who could just "keep snapping". Her 18 month old princess has moves, but not the modeling type! She is active and curious and is always on the go. I showed her some of my work, and we were off the races. I met the two of them, all bundled up, last Saturday. Saturday was a gorgeous day. Bright blue skies. Not a cloud in sight. The only element that was a bit in the way was the temperature. When I checked my phone as I headed out for the shoot, big numbers stared back at me - 22 degrees! Yikes! We met up at a local park and let Julianna run wherever she felt... swings, bridge, sand box, slides... she was on a mission with a passion for swings! It was cold, but with her parka zipped tight, Julianna didn't miss a beat. Meredith, her sweet mom, was so amazing with her. She talked to her, reasoned with her, explained things to her. I hope, if I'm a mom, that's how I talk with my children. Way to go, Meredith! I hope that you love the photos of your sweet J! Hugs to you both - Mary

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