Friday, December 3, 2010

Walt + 22 Months

I just looked back to see where we left off with this guy... it's been well over a YEAR since photos of him graced the blog. Facebook stole the blog's thunder through the better part of the last year, but since ditching FB in the summer this is again the main spot for photos. So, where to start?! As a reintroduction, this is my nephew, Walt. Last blog post about him he couldn't sit up on his own. Now he is a running, talking, opinionated, rambunctious, loving, hilarious little boy! He has officially stolen ALL of our hearts. ALL of them! He lights up a room and brings smiles to all of our faces. Not only is it SO.MUCH.FUN to watch him, it has been truly inspiring to watch my brother be a dad. I am a huge fan of both of my brothers. Sam is the first to be a parent of the three of us. I had no doubt he would be good at it, but it has been fun to see how much he parents like himself - he's finding his way through this and being true to his true self. I never get the sense that he is trying to "be a good parent" and do what "good parents" do. He is kind, gentle, witty, blunt... all the things he is all the time only in a limited way to love this little dude. It is WONDERFUL to watch! Then there's Lori (Walt's mom). She's amazing. To watch her heart break open with joy every time she sees Walt is so fun. It's beautiful to watch them work together to maintain their individual selves and create this amazing family unit. They're all just amazing. They bring joy to all of us!

Here are photos from last weekend's photo shoot. It was all of 45 minutes long for 2 photo shoots... Walt isn't much for sitting and looking at the camera, so we take what we can get. These are my favs! Enjoy!

He's not a baby anymore!

The beautiful family.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cristin + Scott | Savannah Wedding

At the end of October, a fabulous, intimate wedding was held at the Marshall House in Savannah. It was my pleasure to be invited to document the occasion celebrating the marriage of Cristin and Scott. If you haven't been to Savannah, you really must go. There are so many things to do or not do... a museum is around every corner, a park is available every block just to sit and take in the scenery, the ocean is a short drive away. My mom joined me as my able-bodied assistant and travel partner. We made a girls weekend of it. We rented a marvelous condo in the Historic District and walked our little shoes off taking in the sights, sounds, and beverages Savannah had to offer. It was a great time to spend with her. I am SOOOO grateful to be friends with my mom, my hero, the woman who knows me BEST and adores me despite myself. She is so dear to me and it meant the world to get her all to myself for 4 whole days. On Saturday we worked together to celebrate Cristin and Scott. They are from Gainesville but met in Savannah three years ago and decided to celebrate right where it all started. The wedding went off without a hitch. We walked and drove around town and down on River Street to capture images of them. Ultimately, we all gathered at the Marshall House for a kickin' reception. Fun was had by all. Cristin and Scott, I hope you enjoy the images and memories. It was a beautiful occasion marking the start of something beautiful. I am excited for you and your life together. Many thanks and blessings to you! - Mary

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from the day and a slideshow of the day. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Libby + 2 Months

Our friends, Kelli and Jason, welcomed Libby into the world just over two months ago! She is a such a cutie. There's no mistaking she is a daddy's girl! I was invited into their home to photograph this time in their life. It was a chilly morning in late October, so we opted for photos indoors. We spent the morning wandering around the house, taking pit stops for snacks and naps as we went along. It is so much fun to watch friends turn into adoring, capable parents. Thanks for having me in to be with you guys. I hope you enjoy the photos and savor these memories! Your family is just adorable. Hugs - MT

The sweet family... all eyes on Libby!

Go Hogs!

This crib was Jason's grandmother's... and maybe older!

My fav!

Here's a slideshow featuring all the images from our shoot. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Valerie + Chris | Engaged

Wow! It has been SOOO long since I have blogged. For the first part of 2010, I must admit, Facebook took the blog's place... After ditching Facebook in July, I have to say I have enjoyed taking a good break from the blog, facebook, all of it. But now, I will dust off a few cob webs and show you a little work I've been doing. Two weeks ago, I joined Valerie and Chris for a tour around downtown Little Rock. Valerie is a Law Student at the William H. Bowen School of Law and Chris is a Med Student at UAMS. To say these two are busy is an understatement. It was such a treat to run around on a calm, blue skied, October afternoon with these two to document this time in their lives. I hope you enjoy the slideshow of our time together! Valerie and Chris, thanks for the opportunity to work with you guys! I wish you ALL THE BEST as you continue planning your wedding. It will be beautiful! Congratulations to you guys! Hugs, MT

Friday, June 18, 2010

Kristen + Michael | Married

At the end of May, Kristen and Michael gathered with family at Mount Magazine to tie the knot! It was my great pleasure to join them for the day and capture this time in their life. I really enjoy this couple and their families. I think the pictures will speak for themselves! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Merritt | First Communion

Merritt is a beautiful 8 year old! A few days after school let out, we met up at her house to take some snaps of her in her First Communion dress. It was my first time to meet Merritt, and I was just taken by her. She is a charming, sweet, look-you-in-the eye, a little bit shy kind of kid. I liked her and her dog, Charlie! Here's a video of what we captured. Thanks for asking me to work with you guys! You are darling!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Deirdre + Jamie | Engaged

Deirdre and Jamie are such a sweet couple! Robert and I have known them for years. In fact, Robert and Jamie went to high school together... lots of history there! Speaking of history, Jamie is a history buff. He studied, or did a paper on, or investigated the Rivermarket district at one point in his college career. Needless to say, the Rivermarket and the Junction bridge were two musts on our tour of downtown. The three of us met up on a beautiful spring day to wander about and capture this time in their life. It was fun to see the two of them in action. Jamie is such a lovey, dovey guy and Deirdre is VERY shy. The combination is really fun! Jamie was pretty stoked about the opportunity for some PDA! I am super excited for you guys and so honored to have been asked to document this time for you. We can't wait to celebrate with you in a few short weeks! Hugs to both of you! - MT

Friday, April 30, 2010

Seth + 6 Months

You may remember Seth's parents. I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding experience - engagements, bridals, and finally the wedding! It is such a compliment and honor to be asked back into their family's life to capture this new chapter - babies! Seth arrived last fall and is getting more fun every day! We all met up at Dana's parents' house just over a week ago to get some photos of this boy! He is precious! Dana and Sean, thank you for inviting me back into your family. It is such a treat to watch your family grow! You all are such beauties! Hugs to each of you - MT

Such a cute family!

So serious...

A moment with Gramps.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Grossman | Family

The Grossman family is growing! Husbands have been added in recent years and now new babies are on their way. As a celebration of this time in their life, before little ones are running around, they all gathered for a photo opp. My sister-in-law, Lori, and I ran them around the Old Mill snapping as we went. It was a GORGEOUS spring morning and such a treat to photograph this family. Thanks for inviting me in to this time in your life! Congratulations to all of you! Enjoy!

Here is a video featuring a few more of my favs! Enjoy!

Ryder + 4 Months

Just before the Christmas Holiday, Ryder was welcomed into the world. He is the bouncing baby boy of Cope and Casey who are good friends of ours. We all anticipated his arrival and were thrilled to hear he made it - safe and sound! I photographed Ryder around Christmas, but due to the hustle and bustle of the season, those photos never hit the blog... but it wasn't for lack for lack of want. This little fella is so stinkin' cute! He is a flirt, a giggler, and might just be teething... maybe. With mom and dad surrounding him and Bud, his canine friend, protecting him, Ryder is the center of attention and soaks it up!

We all gathered on a cloudy Saturday afternoon just over a week ago to capture this part of his life. Babies AMAZE me. They grow SO fast, are taking everything in, and have personalities that they can express without words. They are truly a gift and such a wonderful reminder of life's simplicity. Cope and Casey, thanks so much for welcoming me in. You are a beautiful family! Enjoy!

Daddy makes this boy laugh!!!

Bud wanted a photo shoot all his own!

Exploring the great outdoors.

Here's a video of some of more of my favorites!