Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sadie's Family

Robert and I have known Kecia and Ryan for several years now. Kecia is friends with my best friends and so we run into each other at celebrations throughout the year... Christmas, birthdays, concerts in the park. We always, always love seeing them. If you know Robert and I, you know we are an unlikely couple. Robert's a very clean cut, preppy guy who has never met a stranger. I am much more casual and shy. But somewhere in the middle, we have an amazing bond that allows us to embrace each other's differences and in turn be better because of it. When I see Kecia and Ryan and hear about their life, they remind me of Robert and I. They seem very unlikely, but they are the perfect fit. The way the look at each and care for each other is touching. The way they laugh and understand each other is lovely to see. I really like them and am always encouraged by being with them... See! It does work!!!

Kecia has been saying for some time that she wanted family photos of she and Ryan and their girls - Sadie and Francis - their dogs, but it never happened. Early in the year, Sadie started acting very different. She was lethargic and drooling and clumsy. Something wasn't right. Kecia and Ryan took her to the doctor to find out that she has cancer... they were devastated. The treatment was surgery. Following the surgery, the need to document this time in their life became even more important. They weren't sure how long they will have Sadie, so the photos needed to happen yesterday! We set a date and location and made it happen. The day I met the four of them for photos, I would have said they were lying about their dog if I didn't know the background story. Sadie was BACK! The tumor was removed, and she has made a full recovery. What a celebration! And now they have photos to prove it! Enjoy!

The cute family - Kecia, Ryan, Francis (white), and Sadie (black)

I just love the way he looks at her...

Sweet Sadie

The girls were on point. There was a swan swimming
in the pond, and they REALLY wanted to go after it!

After a little while, we put the dogs up and had a mini-shoot with just the two of them.
(the dreaded swan is in the background!)

Love, love, love this one!

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