Friday, April 9, 2010

Maggie Mae + Miles

Babies. Aren't they amazing? They grow and change and become these amazing human beings. They are always such a good reminder of how it all begins, how simple life really is, and what a marvelous creation we all are. Fearfully and wonderfully made. I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Maggie Mae at 5 days old. Her soft, limp, sleepy self. I also had the pleasure of meeting her 11 month old little brother, Miles. Together, they are a serious handful! In contrast to Maggie, Miles is a ball of energy - into everything, curious, smiley, and so darn cute. He is going to be a real charmer! Together, the four of these people create the most adorable family. It was beautiful to see Natalie and Paul work together to care for these little kiddos. They fed, changed, bathed, tickled in tandem. It was a delight to follow them around capturing these moments in their newly expanded family's life. Thanks for inviting me in. Enjoy these moments captured!

Special Delivery.

Checking her out...

Momma Hen

I just love this shot. It's not your typical family portrait by any means, but I love what it shows. It shows the balance of their life. Working together. It shows the neediness of these kids and the love these parents have for them. And Bosco, learning his place in the family as the guard dog and confidant. I just think it's beautiful.

Miles' turn to celebrate! Happy Birthday big boy!

After bathtime, Miles hit the hay and gave us a few moments with this sweet girl all on our own. Isn't she beautiful?

Enjoy the video!

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MCD said...

Oh my! I LOVE ALL of these! So adorable! Looks like it was a super fun shoot!