Monday, May 3, 2010

Deirdre + Jamie | Engaged

Deirdre and Jamie are such a sweet couple! Robert and I have known them for years. In fact, Robert and Jamie went to high school together... lots of history there! Speaking of history, Jamie is a history buff. He studied, or did a paper on, or investigated the Rivermarket district at one point in his college career. Needless to say, the Rivermarket and the Junction bridge were two musts on our tour of downtown. The three of us met up on a beautiful spring day to wander about and capture this time in their life. It was fun to see the two of them in action. Jamie is such a lovey, dovey guy and Deirdre is VERY shy. The combination is really fun! Jamie was pretty stoked about the opportunity for some PDA! I am super excited for you guys and so honored to have been asked to document this time for you. We can't wait to celebrate with you in a few short weeks! Hugs to both of you! - MT


Audra said...

Hi, my name is Audra and I work with Ian at ACH and his wife sent me your website to check out. I went to school with Jamie in elementry school at Holy Souls...great pictures of them!!

Audra said...

Your friends with Ian's sister ( i had misunderstood) so I'm not sure if you know any case your photos are beautiful!!

Tellez Photography | Mary Tellez said...

Thanks, Audra! Tell Ian I said hi! If you went to elementary school with Jamie it probably means you know my husband, Robert. Small world!