Friday, December 3, 2010

Walt + 22 Months

I just looked back to see where we left off with this guy... it's been well over a YEAR since photos of him graced the blog. Facebook stole the blog's thunder through the better part of the last year, but since ditching FB in the summer this is again the main spot for photos. So, where to start?! As a reintroduction, this is my nephew, Walt. Last blog post about him he couldn't sit up on his own. Now he is a running, talking, opinionated, rambunctious, loving, hilarious little boy! He has officially stolen ALL of our hearts. ALL of them! He lights up a room and brings smiles to all of our faces. Not only is it SO.MUCH.FUN to watch him, it has been truly inspiring to watch my brother be a dad. I am a huge fan of both of my brothers. Sam is the first to be a parent of the three of us. I had no doubt he would be good at it, but it has been fun to see how much he parents like himself - he's finding his way through this and being true to his true self. I never get the sense that he is trying to "be a good parent" and do what "good parents" do. He is kind, gentle, witty, blunt... all the things he is all the time only in a limited way to love this little dude. It is WONDERFUL to watch! Then there's Lori (Walt's mom). She's amazing. To watch her heart break open with joy every time she sees Walt is so fun. It's beautiful to watch them work together to maintain their individual selves and create this amazing family unit. They're all just amazing. They bring joy to all of us!

Here are photos from last weekend's photo shoot. It was all of 45 minutes long for 2 photo shoots... Walt isn't much for sitting and looking at the camera, so we take what we can get. These are my favs! Enjoy!

He's not a baby anymore!

The beautiful family.

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