Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lincoln + 5 Weeks

Last summer, I ran into a friend from my childhood in the grocery store. Sarah was darling and preggers with a little boy. It is ALWAYS good to see Sarah. She has a very tender, open spirit that is welcoming and disarming. We talked a bit and she wanted to know if I am still doing photography... in December, I got the call. The baby had arrived, the house was ready, the only missing ingredient was the photographer. Despite the insane schedule leading up to the Holidays, we found a time to gather at their home and capture Lincoln's newness! I took my watch off in the car and wanted to just be with them... be in their presence, capturing their new family unit, and enjoying this baby boy. We spent the better part of the afternoon together - shooting, changing, shooting, feeding, shooting, cleaning up, shooting, sleeping. It was delightful. Here are a few of the images from our time together. I hope you enjoy! Sarah, Charlie, and Lincoln - thank you. Much love and all the best in this new year as you continue to grow as a family - enjoying each other as you go. - Mary

Lincoln was born in October... LOVE this!

Sleeping on the job, Santa.

The dog needed in on some of the lovin', too!

Sweet Sarah. Momma.

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