Sunday, February 5, 2012

William + MK: Hilarious Kiddos!

WOW! Almost 1 year to the day, I photographed William and Mary Kathryn. William was 7 months old and MK was about 2 1/2. My how things have changed! William is a full-fledged toddler - getting around on those sturdy legs, hilarious, full of energy, a wild man. Mary Kathryn is a full-fledged little girl! She talks in complete sentences and is fully aware of what is going on. She is very competitive and such a ham. These two kids make me smile just looking at them. They ooze life. They are marvelous! Kathryn, thank you AGAIN for having me join you guys to capture this snapshot of your life. You all are precious. Those "babies" of yours are amazing!

playing with mommy's jewelry

sweet boy

starting to really warm up... such great kiddos!

hamming it up with the umbrella. such a doll!

always accessorizing

what a crack up!

adorable girl

darling pile of people

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Unknown said...

You captured my niece and nephew perfectly!