Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tatum + 7 Days

Seven days after she arrived, I had the great pleasure of meeting sweet Tatum!  A precious little nugget of a baby who was born into an amazing family.  Kate and Joey are the proud parents and Tripp is the interested and enthusiastic 2 year old brother.  Despite the challenges of the hot summer day, a tired older brother, and a hungry belly, Tatum was a rock star.  Once the basics were met - dry diaper and milk, she knocked on off and was completely agreeable.  Kate and Joey, I am truly impressed by you guys.  It's not a surprise really, but you both seem so good at this parenting thing.  At least from the outside, you look like a good team!  I love watching you grow as a family.  Thanks for including me in such an amazing time. 

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