Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome John

Mary Kathryn and William, two of my very favorite subjects whom I have been photographing for years, have a new brother!  Five days after John's arrival, we all gathered at their home to document his newness.  His squishy, sleepy, beautiful self warmed my heart.  Kathryn and Scott are the proud parents of some serious cuteness.  They make the most beautiful children, and it is such an honor to be asked over to capture them on "film" as they grow.  I was at their house in January for a WILD photo shoot full of basketball playing, umbrella swinging, running, jumping, tackling... you get the idea.  This go around was a completely different deal.  The curiosity and enthusiasm were no less, but the gentleness and calmness were much more.  I don't know if it was a subconscious respect for their new sibling or if they have really grown up, but they were particularly sweet and agreeable.  Such a treat!  Kathryn, again, thank you.  I hope you enjoy these memories!

is there anything better?

safe in his sweet momma's arms

love this diaper cover... and the baby is pretty cute, too!


i love these beautiful kiddos

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