Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MK, William & Jeb: Cuteness

It's INSANE how fast time has flown.  Truly insane.  MK is turning 5 this summer.  WHAT?  Really?  Well... the older these kiddos get, the more mobile, opinionated, animated, precious and hilarious they become.  The words to describe this shoot would be FAST, chaotic, hilarious, and a whole lot of fun!  One thing that I especially love about these shoots is these kiddos' momma.  She dolls them up in their smocked finery, has a general idea of what may or may not work, and then lets them go.  And we are all off to the races.  Her goal is to not threaten them too much so as to ruin this experience for them and make them not want to do this EVER again.  I applaud her for holding what may be high expectations at bay and letting her kids be kids in front of the camera.  It's such a joy to watch and an honor to document.  And honestly, I think they turn out pretty great.  Maybe not traditional.  Maybe not overly posed.  But a fun representation of where these kids are at this point in their life.  They just make me smile!  Enjoy!

These are some seriously cute kids!

This guy is going to be a knock out.  

How is he already 9 months old?

Sister love.

Such a doll.

Animation is in their genes!

That's more like it!

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