Friday, July 19, 2013

Elizabeth + 15 months

Last week I had the pleasure of spending some time with Elizabeth and her parents.  Robert went to law school with Courtney and Mark.... which means we have known them for 9 years.  Holy moly!  We are getting old!  I've always really enjoyed them.  They both are relatively quiet, but don't let that fool you.  They choose their words, and level you with honesty or humor when they speak.  Mark is particularly dry and witty.  He gets me every time!  Well, 15 months ago, as any parent knows, their whole life changed!  Elizabeth, a spunky, independent, adorable, beautiful, curious little girl was born.  She is a firecracker in every possible good way.  She reminds me a lot of my Lucy.  Just don't get in her way, and she's a happy camper!  So we were off to explore the world through Elizabeth's eyes.  We hit the family's favorite porch and swing, the local fountain, and had a run through the backyard.  She was a delight!  Courtney and Mark, thanks for having me over.  It was and always is a treat to spend time with you.  I wish we did it more often!  You're Elizabeth is a jewel!  Enjoy the memories!

Investigating the marigold plants...  what's that?

The fam in all their cuteness.

Fun times with dad!  She has such a great smile!

Such a beauty.

Silly moments with momma.

Planning the next move.



Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Mary, I know I've said it elsewhere, but we'll never be able to thank you enough for these amazing photos. Each one is such a true reflection of Elizabeth at this stage. You have a very special gift. Thank you for capturing these memories for us and for making it such an easy, fun experience. We are so grateful!