Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Stella Kate + 7 Days

I have had the pleasure of knowing Gareth and Cristie for roughly 10 years.  The two of them have been really good friends to us.  Robert and Gareth have known each other since elementary school days if I have the story straight.  We have vacationed together (and enjoyed it).  You may remember a post about them from a few years back.  Robert and I traveled to Jamaica to celebrate their wedding, and I had the privilege of taking the photos.  They are one of the most hospitable couples you will meet.  Gareth loves to plan a party or gathering.  Cristie loves to host it.  She has a real knack for appetizers.  They both make you feel like you are really wanted in their home.  It's truly a gift they have, and a gift we happily receive.  Well, 10 days ago now, they welcomed the third member of their family into the world!  Stella Kate came on her due date.  After the first week, the report is that she seems to have their even temper.  I hope and pray for them that she remains so.  I will say that I believe there has to be something to the old wives' tale that the temper of the mom is reflected in the temper of the child.  Cristie and Gareth both are pretty laid back folks.  I'm crossing my fingers that Stella is, too!  She is beautiful, Gareth and Cristie!  I couldn't be happier for all of you.  She is one lucky girl.  XOXO - MT

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