Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ames + 1 Week

I had the pleasure of photographing this precious family. Three kiddos under 5 makes for a wild time. They were all so different and sweet in their own ways.

As always, it is delicious to meet a new baby. They just arrived, are so vulnerable, and yet aren't afraid. They know they are in good hands and are comfortable with their number one job - to ask for help. Ames, in particular, was a calm little fella. He was quite alert but content.

It was such an honor to be there to document that moment in time. Thanks for the invitation, Beth. You are lovely and have some beautiful boys. All the best to you and yours as you transition and make room for the 5th member of your family! He's a delight!

Sweet, alert, baby Ames!

I love when you can hear the giggles in a picture.

Soft skinned, sweeties.

Pig pile!

The beautiful new family of five!

Sweet snuggles.  They are harder to find with number three!


You're in good hands, Ames.

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