Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Veronica + Geoff: Married

It has been a minute... like five years worth of minutes... since I last photographed anything wedding related.  Last month the son of a family in our church got married in Mexico.  Upon their return, they hosted a wedding reception so all the State-side family and friends could celebrate with them as well.  I was asked to photograph the reception.  I figured it would be a ton of party-pics and not much else.  While it was a ton of party-pics, it was so much more than that.  I arrived 5 minutes before go-time, and preparations were still under way.  The bride and groom arrived about 10 minutes late and needed to change into their wedding attire.  After a somewhat rocky start, the party got going.  Family started arriving.  Food and drink started flowing.  And a celebration was had by all!  It was so fun to be in the mix with the newly married couple who is so full of life, love, and enthusiasm.  They were there to celebrate, and their friends and family joined them.  It was a delight.  Thanks for asking me to be a part!

The celebration was held at the Junior League E.O. Manees House in Argenta.  

A candy bar is always a hit!  Young and old indulged!

Adorable personalized details were scattered throughout.  It was the first time 
I had seen shot glasses on lanyards.  These people take Tequila seriously!

Vero's mother made her gown.  It was gorgeous!  And the shoes... they were amazing, too!
Vero's siblings and mother flew in from Aguascalientes to join in the celebration.

 The love the new in-laws have for their daughter-in-law is evident.  Sweet people!

It was time for the celebration to officially begin!  The happy couple!

 Geoff and Vero entered the room to the tune of "We are the Champions".  Hilarious!

Delicious food was prepared outside on the driveway.  The smell alone was intoxicating!

 Dancing and singing commenced when the mariachi band arrived!

I was impressed with how many people knew EVERY WORD.

 This coupled laughed and danced possibly more than any I have seen in my time 
as a photographer.  They were so fun to watch.  Well done!  Keep it up, guys!

The handsome couple.  Congratulations!

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