Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kim and Grands

It's not every day that someone turns 50.  This day happened to be the 50th birthday celebration of my husband's Aunt Kim.  Her grandboys were in town for the celebration (gift enough for a grandma).  My mother in law asked if I could photograph, as a gift to Kim on her behalf, Kim with her very favorite little people.  On a brisk November morning, we all met up at the creek and snapped a few shots of these cute people.  With littles, it is guaranteed to be chaotic and cuteness to the max.  These pics make me smile.  Kim, I wish you all the best as you turn your face toward a new decade.  I hope it brings with it more joy, more peace, more life, more breath.  You are loved and lovely from the inside out.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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