Thursday, June 16, 2016

Jackie + 8 Months

My kids are past the baby stage.  Occasionally they want me to "hold them like a baby" which is getting increasingly challenging as they get BIGGER AND BIGGER.  Within the last month we have put away the changing table and said hello to "big boy underwear".  In a few months we will likely say goodbye to the crib and the paci.  And that'll be the end of babies at our house (with the exception of the highly detailed life my daughter lives with "her" babies).  And just like that... it's gone.  And while I am glad so much of that is gone, it is such a joy to be with other people's babies and makes my mommy heart kind of ache thinking back on when my people were tiny and transforming moment by moment.  This little bundle is no exception.  The last time we gathered for photos, he couldn't sit on his own and was a little fussy pants.  This time, he could sit on his own and was a JOY.  I mean, just look at him!  I love a squishy, giggly baby.  Thanks for sharing a few moments with me and letting me love on that beautiful boy of yours!  He's a doll!