Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Girouard Family

We made a very challenging choice to take our kids out of full-time daycare and put them in a mother's day out program this time last year.  It has been both an extremely rewarding year and a far harder year than I anticipated.  I never knew how much I did without my kids underfoot that would need to be attended to in their company... 

One thing that has made this year more enjoyable has been new friendships.  My kids are in the same classes as the two oldest Girouard kiddos, and that has meant our paths have crossed A LOT.  Additionally, the mother of this beautiful crew happens to be a friendly, open, fellow mom in the trenches, down to earth, loving, kind hearted person.  My kids got friends, and so did I!  It's a major win-win! 

So when I was asked to snap a few shots of them to commemorate the baby's first birthday, it was a no brainer.  Enjoy the smiles and the memories!  Love all five of you!  MT

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