Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hicks Family

The Hicks family is looking forward to welcoming another addition in a few short weeks.  I was asked to come over to their house to document life as they know it.  A snap shot of life pre-baby.  What I see from the outside are two beautiful adults who are working hard at being the best versions of themselves while holding down two challenging jobs and doing an amazing job parenting their beautiful first-born, Arthur, all the while anticipating the arrival of baby #2.  It's a wild time!  And a beautiful time.  Arthur is 2 and is doing his job of being 2 perfectly.  He is on the ride of his life with ups and downs, gales of laughter and wails of defeat.  He is precious.  It was such a treat to spend a little time with you guys.  You are beautiful.  All of you.  And I can't wait to lay eyes on the next, lovely addition.  I'm cheering wildly from the sidelines!

All My Love -  MT

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